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What is HOP all about?

HOP Cycling is more than a proven training program. The live monitoring greatly increases your motivation AND accountability. Let’s face it, it’s tough to stay motivated all winter long. But, it’s a TON more motivating to hop on that training, see other like-minded, goal driven road cyclists and triathletes all hammering through a workout with you. Sometimes the biggest difference between average and great is just “showing up” on those days you wouldn’t have otherwise.

NEW - Spring HOP - Tour de COVID

Program Duration: 4-6 weeks starting March 24, 2020.

Live Sessions: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, 6PM Central Standard Time

Session Duration: 60-75 minutes total

Session Focus: One session will be focused on increasing FTP and one will be focused on technique and increasing fatigue resistance.

Cost: Donation only. If you can pay, please consider making a donation. If you’ve been hit by the present health crisis, join us anyways.

Winter HOP

Program Duration: ~13 Weeks Starting December 2020

Live Sessions: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, 6PM Central Standard Time

Session Duration: 1.5 – 1.75 hours (Includes ride, core work, and stretching)

Optional In-Person FTP Sessions: 1st and last class. Midpoint test – Jan 2021

The HOP Difference

LIVE Sessions

Through the power of the internet, we are streamed to you every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:00 pm CST. The best part? YOU are streaming your video as well and your expert coach is able to provide LIVE feedback on everything from body position, to pedal stroke, to making sure you’re actually online and working! Win, win, win.

Pedal Stroke

HOP Athletes continuously comment on how much they didn’t know about how to pedal properly and what a massive benefit working on their pedal stroke has made to their riding. When you learn to fire the proper muscles at the proper time, your perceived effort, efficiency, and power production all improve. If you just mash down you are missing out!

Body Position

You’ll discover not only how body position impacts comfort but also the vital role it plays in power production and muscle activation. In the flats, on the climbs, it’s all a little different. And of course we’ll force you to work those positions you don’t “like” working. 

Mental Adversity Training (MAT)

MAT Training! This is something you just cannot get from a pre-planned program. Your coach gives you a task and it’s up to you to continue until the coach says stop or changes up the focus. There’s no better way to simulate the demands of road racing or group riding than this. Side bonus – it teaches you mental toughness!

Train Virtually Anywhere!

Like A Boss!

If you know how to download an app, then you’re over half way there. All you need is a computer/smart phone/tablet, an internet connection, and your indoor cycling equipment and you’re good to go. Login and just follow your coaches instructions. No thought necessary. You just bring a desire to improve and we’ll make sure that happens.

The HOP Truth.

Those who complete 90% or more of the training sessions in order gain an average of 10% on their FTP over the course of the program. Many see increases over 10%.

The Results Speak For Themselves

  • 100+ overall race wins
  • 300+ podiums
  • State and regional championship wins
  • Jumps in triathlon age group placings
  • Jumps from C to A rated rides!
  • Kona Qualifiers
  • World Championship Qualifiers
  • Duathlon Draft-Legal National Champ
  • Aquabike National Champ
  • Jumps to 20+ mph centuries

About Us

Humble Beginnings

The House of Pain began 9 years ago as a place for teammates and athletes to put in the off-season work necessary to come out and accomplish big goals the following race season. Although we’ve outgrown our original home, we strive to keep the same level of camaraderie within the HOP group as we did when it was a bunch of folks sweating it out in a detached garage. 

Refined Year After Year

Each year we refined the program through the feedback and results of our athletes. Extra skills and technique work early, longer and harder efforts later. The goal is not to have you “peaking” at the end of class but rather to lay a SOLID foundation that will help power you through the entire season.

A Community of Driven Athletes

2019 saw our biggest group to date – 53 determined and motivated athletes were part of the HOP family. The private Facebook group is filled with posts of people sharing their successes and motivating each other throughout the entire year. It’s awesome to see.

Your Coaches

Dale Sanford

Co-Founder/ Coach

They don’t call him Quads Malone for nothin’

Bryant Funston

Co-Founder/ Coach

It better B-Fun…

Pricing Options

Spring HOP - Tour de COVID

Let's beat this and come out fitter than ever!
Donation Only
  • LIVE Training Sessions
  • On Demand Recordings
  • Year Round Private Facebook Group
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HOP Veterans

  • Todd Perkins
    3x HOPer
  • Scott Newberry
    Multi-time TN State Time Trial Champion - 2016 USAT Draft Legal Duathlon AG National Champion
  • Heather and Cindy
    4x and 5x HOPers
  • The House of Pain sessions, and BPC coaching in general, have been key in my progression as a cyclist over the past several years. I’m a stronger and smarter rider and a better all-around athlete, and I stay motivated to train even when life gets hectic.

    Brett Shanaman
    8x HOP Athlete
  • The House of Pain was the single best thing I did for my off-season training and getting myself prepared for the upcoming racing season.

    Chris Braese
    3x HOP Cycling Member

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