You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. 

Soooo...what do I see online?

Here’s a little sample of the athlete’s view

Sooooo...what do the coaches see?

Here is a sample of what our coaches see…just fast forward to 1:45

Who are these crazy people?

HOPers are working professionals, moms, dads, and people just like you who put priority on athletic improvement. We always have a great mix of competitive, recreational, and performance oriented cyclists, as well as a number of triathletes.

What are the workouts like?

Each workout is focused on increasing functional threshold power and efficiency through manipulation of cycling specific cadence, body position, pedal stroke, and mental focus. Basically, you will become a more powerful and efficient cyclist. We focus mostly on cycling efficiency early on in the program, and then we move to more intense threshold focused training later in the program.

Each session will also include 20-30 minutes of STRETCHING and CORE WORK! This is another part of the program you won’t find anywhere else. A strong core and body delivers more force to the pedal, and is less prone to normal cycling related injuries.Weak muscles have trouble activating, which is bad news for efficiency and maximal power. Some athletes lack so much strength we have seen huge jumps in power after just a few of our strength sessions.

What do I need to attend?

All you need is a bike, trainer, an internet connection, and a computer/tablet/smartphone with a mic. Webcams are encouraged but they are optional. Oh, you will likely also need a sweat towel and plenty of fluids. We do recommend having at least one powered speaker since most built in speakers aren’t loud enough to drown out certain bike trainers. These can be purchased for as little as $15 and are totally portable and USB chargeable.

How does the online class work?

We will be using a video conferencing solution called Zoom Cloud Meetings. They offer browser based video conferencing, as well as apps for your tablet and smartphone. It allows us to see your smiling (or pain) faces and also allows interaction with our coaches as well as with other HOP athletes. You can ask questions, motivate others, and even make fun of your buddies. Or you can just sit back and follow along. But all in all, we are all working and improving together.

What if a member of my household wants to do the class as well?

No problem. Just keep in mind you will only have one seat in the class in case you are separated at any point. You will also need to purchase the FTP Only add on if they want to attend the 3 live FTP tests.

Will we ever see you guys in person?

If you are local or want to make the drive, then absolutely! We have partnered with the Memphis Hightailers to host the three FTP tests at their facility. It’s going to be quite the sight, so don’t miss those if you can help it. The first one will be our very first session. If you can’t make it, we will see you online! And we always find our way to Wiseacre after the last FTP test of the HOP season