This page is designed to get you ready to start HOP. If you’ve been riding HOP for a while and have already read this, you may want to skim through it as we’re always updating and innovating the program.

Step 1: Class Start Times / Calendar

Classes will be LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday with two class options on each day. You DO NOT have to do the same class every time – all good to hit morning one day and evening the next. These will be the same workouts.

Start Date: Dec 5, 2023

End Date: March 7, 2024

Morning session: 5:30 CST. Class will finish with stretching by 7:00 am. Led by Coach Jonny Brown or Coach Heather Nichols.

Evening session: 6:00 CST. Classes will finish by 7:30 pm. Led by Coach Bryant and Coach Dale

HOLIDAY CANCELLATIONS – NO CLASS: Dec 26th, Dec 28th (week of Christmas)


SESSIONS 1, 13, AND 26 – if you’re in the Memphis area, the EVENING threshold assessments will have an in-person option. We will meet at the Memphis Hightailers clubhouse – 397 Cumberland St, Memphis, TN. They will be streamed live if you cannot make it and will also be recorded.

Step 2: Signing into Class and Recording Access

The virtual classroom will open by 5:25 am for the morning class and 5:55 p.m. CST for the evening class. The same link will be used for all classes.


  • PASSWORD – bpc

RECORDINGS ARE AVAILABLE HERE – NOTE….ONLY the evening session will be recorded.

If you want to access the recordings you must be signed in to your member.buildpeakcompete.com/login account.

Step 3: Camera Setup

In order for you to get the most out of the classes, it’s important for our coaches to be able to see you so they can offer tips on positioning and technique as well as to make sure you’re suffering the right amount.

When setting up your camera, device, or webcam you’ll want to position it at a 90-degree angle from your bike with it centered in the middle of the visible frame on your screen. You may need to adjust the distance of the camera to the bike in order to capture your whole bike and body. Check out this camera view of Coach Bryant’s setup.

With this in mind, there are a bunch of ways to set up your ride room. Here are some breakdowns:

Use a Single Device:
You can use a single device for your screen and camera, like a cell phone, smart tablet, or laptop webcam. With this set up your device is perpendicular to the side of your bike. While this setup lets you utilize a single device, your screen will not be in front of your bike so you will have to turn your head while on the bike to see what’s happening in the class.

Use Multiple Devices or Screens:
The other options are much broader.

  • You can run dual screens, using a laptop or computer off to the side and a second monitor in front of the bike.
  • You can use two devices (like one phone and one tablet), one for the video and the other that they are watching on.
  • You can use an AirPlay style setup by throwing the video to a smart tv and use your smart device as the camera.
  • You can even use a webcam connected by a cable to a laptop or desktop computer. This still allows you to watch the screen in front of you while having the camera off to the side.

We’ve tested several webcam setups and have found a good, affordable webcam that works very well for this specific situation. If you want to use the same webcam we do, you can find it on Amazon HERE

Step 4: Our Trainer Recommendations

You’ll definitely need a trainer, but knowing which one to buy is all about you. Here’s a quick guide:

If you’re on a budget, we recommend going with a FLUID TRAINER. These are usually more affordable and still work well. They are also louder than some of the higher-end trainers but they still get you rolling. 

  • Our Preferred brands: Saris & Kurt Kinetic

If you want more of an investment, you can look into getting a smart trainer. These are normally quieter plus they can automatically adjust the resistance from different apps. They also communicate with Bluetooth and ANT+ devices to personalize training sessions and track data from things like heart rate monitors and power meters.

  • Personally, we use the Saris H3, but we also have numerous athletes who use the WAHOO Kickr.

Step 5: Training Data Tracking Options

  • POWER METER – This is THE BEST WAY to track your progress and gains. If you already have one – EXCELLENT. If you do not have one and can afford one, do it. If you have a smart trainer, that should give you your power data.
  • HEART RATE (HR) MONITOR – These are much cheaper than power meters and will allow you to dial in your training zones. HR monitors respond slower than power and their readings can be affected by other factors but it’s still a great metric to have.
  • SPEED AND CADENCE SENSORS – If you have a power meter, there’s a good chance you already have cadence. We’ll do A LOT of work with cadence in HOP cycling. One way to track how you’re doing over the course of a single session is to see whether your SPEED is increasing or decreasing. Note: this is NOT super reliable and should only be viewed as just a reference point.

Step 6: Training Peaks Program

Access to our Training Peaks Program is FREE to all HOP Cycling members. We designed this program to give you all the workouts in advance to help you get your levels and zones dialed in for the day.

  • If you already have a Training Peaks Account – CLICK HERE TO LINK YOUR ACCOUNT – you will have to sign in. If you are coached by another person, you will need to share your account vs. having us replace your coach.
  • Need to create a TP account – CLICK HERE to sign up. (Note: you will have a Premium “Trial” which you can let lapse after 14 days. You do not need to sign up for that to still access your workouts and account).
  • ONCE YOU get connected –  EMAIL US (address below) and let us know if you want the HEART RATE based plan or the POWER based plan!!

NOTE: The beauty of the HOP is that we don’t always follow the script because we don’t always want you PACING YOURSELF for the efforts to come. Be prepared for the workout to change at times. Hooray for MENTAL ADVERSITY TRAINING (MAT)! Amirite?!

Step 7: Join the Private Facebook Group

The HOP Cycling Private Facebook Group is a great place filled with encouragement from coaches and other riders, tips and tricks from experienced HOPers, and a place to commiserate the death of your legs from last night’s session. Really, it’s a great way to become a part of a community and avoid feeling alone in this sweaty journey.

HIT US UP via email or FB.

  • Or – if you’re on Facebook
    Post your questions up in the BPC House of Pain Private Facebook Group. This is a great way to get your question answered and it will help others who may run into the same question in their training.