HOP Cycling – ALL THE INFO in ONE Spot

First off, WELCOME ABOARD year 10 of the HOP Cycling program. Thousands of hours of sweat have been spilled over this past decade. Here’s to many more.

Alright, enough of that – here’s ALL THE DETAILS – PLEASE GO THROUGH Step by Step AFTER you watch this sweet video taking you through it all.

Step 1: Class Start Times / Calendar

Class will be (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm to no later than 7:45 pm.

Start Date: Dec 7, 2021

End Date: March 10, 2022


Step 2: Signing into Class and Recording Access

The virtual classroom will open by 5:55 pm CST via the link below:

BPC HOUSE of PAIN ZOOM LINK – CLICK HERE (this will be the same for EVERY CLASS.


RECORDINGS AVAILABLE VIA THIS LINK – NOTE: you must be signed into your member.buildpeakcompete.com/login account.

Step 3: Camera Setup

If you are going to have a webcam set up, you’ll want to have it from an angle that is perpendicular to your bike, in line with middle of your bike, and where the video captures your whole bike and body.

Step 4: Webcam Recommendation

Some will just use their cell phones, smart tablet, or laptop webcam. If you want to use the same webcam we use, CLICK HERE for the Amazon Link to it.

Step 5: Trainer Recommendation

If you are on a budget, we recommend going with a FLUID TRAINER. Our preferred brands are Saris and Kurt Kinetic.

If you want to use a smart trainer, ALL GOOD. We use the Saris H3 and have numerous athletes who use the WAHOO Kickr.

Step 6: Training Data Options

  • Power meter – if you have one – EXCELLENT. This is THE BEST WAY to track your progress and gains. If you do not have one and can afford one, do it. If you have a smart trainer, that should give you power data.
  • Heart rate monitor – Much cheaper than power and will allow you to dial in your training zones. HR response slower than power and can be effected by other factors but is still a great metric to have.
  • Speed and cadence sensors – if you have power, there’s a good chance you already have cadence. We’ll do A LOT of work with cadence in the HOP. One way to track how you’re doing over the course of a single session is to see whether your SPEED is increasing or decreasing. Note: this is NOT super reliable and just a reference point.

Step 7: Training Peaks Program

Free to all HOP Cycling members is access to the Training Peaks Program that we have created. This gives you all the workouts in advance to help get your levels and zones dialed in for the day.

  • Already have a Training Peaks Account: CLICK HERE TO LINK YOUR ACCOUNT – you will have to sign in. If you are coached by another person, you will need to share the account vs having us replace your coach.
  • Need a FREE TP accountCLICK HERE to sign up. (Note: you will have a Premium “Trial” which you can let lapse after 14 days. You do not need to sign up for that to still access your workouts and account).
  • ONCE YOU get connected to us – EMAIL US (address below) and let us know if you want the HEART RATE based plan or the POWER based plan!!

NOTE: The beauty of the HOP is we don’t allows follow the script because we don’t always want you PACING YOURSELF for the efforts to come. Be prepared for the workout to change at times. Hooray for MENTAL ADVERSITY TRAINING (MAT).

Step 8: Join the Private Facebook Group

Click HERE or the image above for the FB group link and request to join!


Both coaches will receive any email sent to – info@buildpeakcompete.com so just sent it on over.

Or – if you’re on Facebook – post it up in the BPC House of Pain Private Group.